First Phase of Campbell Veterans Memorial Nears Completion

The Memorial Foundation seeks funds for the second phase of this project.

The flags are standing tall and the bricks have been laid out in front of them. The Campbell Veterans Memorial is starting to get a finished look to it, and Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation Chair Jim Free looks quite happy about it.

"We should be seeing the fencing come down in the next week," Free said.

The project's total cost is about $650,000; about $250,000 of the work is complete, Free said.

"About $120,000 of that was done pro-bono," he said.

Local landscaper Jon Nelson came in and told the foundation, "Don't worry about the lead-in path."

After putting down sod and other landscaping, Nelson continued on to the sprinklers.

"He just kept going," Free said.

Also being done this week is the engraving of the first 50 bricks in front of the flag poles. To date, there have been about 400 bricks sold, Free said.

Eventually, the path will also be made up of engraved bricks.

Once these things are completed, the foundation can move on to Phase 2 of the memorial's construction.

Phase 2 includes installing a memorial fountain and timeline wall, dating back to the Revolutionary War, and leading up to modern conflicts. A stream will flow along the wall, ending at an olive tree, symbolizing the hope that the wars veterans have fought in ultimately lead toward peace.

Bricks honoring veterans and soldiers who are still enlisted can be purchased via the memorial's website. Servicemembers do not have to be residents of Campbell to have a brick at the site. Donations are also welcome, along with donations "in kind," such as pro bono electrical work.

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