Campbell Residents Sound Off on Boogie 2013

The Campbell Chamber of Commerce's 35th annual Boogie on the Bayou brought cajun eatin' and live music to the downtown May 18 and 19.
Campbell Patch asked its Facebook readers what the pros and cons were this weekend and this is what they had to say:

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Janet Davis Con: it brings a lot of drunken drama to Campbell. We live on Rincon and have to deal with people parking on our street and walking to the event. Afterward, they come back to their cars in the evening, drunk and louder than hell. I guess I sound kinda grouchy. Maybe if those of us that live nearby were afforded some kind of perk for such events we would feel better about them.
Sarah Foxworthy Petralia: Pros: fun for family, cons: too many out of control, drunk people. We went to dinner nearby and the crowd was trashy, drunk & cussing up a storm in front of my kids.
Jennifer Hartley Van Every: Cons: watching people vomit in my gutter. Yuck! (N. Second St.) Pros: it is fun for the family if you go very early.
Elizabeth Betrous: We have same issues as the first commenter, but on Central Ave. Keeping alcohol from leaving the event doesn't help that people still leave very drunk, and drink on their way to the event.
Janet Martinez: We got there early on Sunday right when it opened and left @1215ish...perfect timing as it was getting too crowded. I feel for you @ Janet above....we live close but not that close. I hope they were respectful of not throwing any trash. Unfortunately stupid drunk people do dumb stupid things. I liked that they didn't allow you to walk away with any alcohol. Maybe in future they can post signs (
Kenny Henning: BIG CON, No Sun. Farmers Market, cancelled no room!
Rob Eckaus: Perhaps no parking on residential streets? City street or public transportation or drop-offs only?
Christie Jensen-Balancier:
We were there on Sunday. It was crowded but things seemed mellow. However we sat up stairs at the Coop and the crowd up there was pretty rough and very drunk. Openly smoking pot with children all around. We felt so uncomfortable that we left. Drunks don't intimidate me but drunk gang bangers absolutely do. Like I said, very rough crowd and no security upstairs to control it.
Catherine Stanton Hickinbotham:  Same as above for us. Vomiting in grass, littering yards with plastic cups and even glass bottles. Cussing, loud drunk people. I personally saw a guy drinking a beer in his car while driving. We called CPD and I'm pretty sure they caught him. Parking and traffic trying to get in and out of our development is a hassle because many folks cant figure out what "NO parking FROM here"
Laurie Smith Hendry: Woman ran in front of moving taxi (drunk) and got hit in front of our house. Drunken commotion the whole weekend. Yuck. We stayed out of town for most if it but still got the brunt in the evenings when people stayed around after getting drunker.
Ryan Gillette: Kind of over it. We usually go without our kids but decided to take them this year but like everybody else said the drunken gangsters were a little out of control. It's not really an event anymore, it's basically an excuse to walk down the street with beer. I think the event is dead, wouldn't be surprised if something really bad happens next time. Kinda sad.
Linda Belli Bargas: ^^ Good on you for calling CPD! Sounds like the event this year was a good one to miss. Weather in Santa Cruz was fabulous Looking forward to Farmer's Market return next Sunday.
Amanda Jo Fisk: I didn't go but heard it wasn't really true to its theme as far as food choices. There were only a few related options.
Amanda Jo Fisk: Very shocked by everyone else's posts! This is why I don't drink, period!
Adelle Gabrielson:
Pros: Not enough to mention. Cons: Driving around downtown on Orchard Ave last evening in broad daylight (7pm), no less than five people stumbled IN TO the street. One girl started screaming at her boyfriend in the cross walk, while we all sat and watched. Another was so drunk she couldn't get off the ground. My kids were in the back seat "What is WRONG with those people?!" We went Saturday, early, for lunch and the food was just "meh" and overpriced. Disappointed overall. My colleagues all agree it could also be called "Boobies on the Bayou." Didn't seem like it was locals there...Won't go back.
Bethany Curran: Really think the Chamber needs to either totally overhaul this event or just flat out cancel it. It's completely out of control. Not fun, not family friendly, not very "Campbell" at all.
Elizabeth Betrous:
I have to say I'm a little relieved to hear that our neighbors downtown have similar feelings about this event. I feel like less of a party pooper!
Michelle Pollace:
Sounds like one to miss. I have a small child and am a Campbell resident. I had previous plans so didn't attend for that reason, but after reading these comments I wouldn't make the effort to go if I were around. Oktoberfest has historically been a fun...See More
Carrie Kandasamy Schneider: Always make sure to avoid it after living downtown for 10 years
Kim Broadbeck: I appreciate having an event so close to home that is easy to walk to and enjoy, but I have to agree with the person above who said it was a excuse to walk down the street with a beer.
Kim Broadbeck:
Music was lacking (at least when we were there) and the theme didn't really come out except in the beads and the glassware. Oktoberfest seemed much better.

(Add your pros/cons to the comments below)
debbie.laranjo May 21, 2013 at 12:12 PM
I live right behind the Campbell Community Center and therefore easy to walk to downtown Campbell. I have to agree with most of the comments on here. I have noticed that there is more of drunk people and troublemakers that kind of takes the enjoyment of coming to the downtown events the Campbell residents look forward. It is nice that people want to come to party in our nice little city, but please be respectful of other people who are here to have a good time too. Enjoy your drinks, but not excessive where it becomes problematic. Just have fun!
Andrea Lloyd May 21, 2013 at 12:30 PM
Suggestions for next year: Skip serving alcohol. I know it brings in money, but better to change the event a little now rather than have it cancelled completely because of someone getting hurt. Also, more music! We arrived in between entertainers and totally missed out on that aspect. Also, would it be possible to hold the event somewhere else? How about on the field next to the community center? Perhaps shuttles could bring people in. We just weren't motivated to stick around very long to hang out on the hot asphalt.
Nicole Salacain May 21, 2013 at 12:40 PM
Maybe this is just a silly idea but maybe ending it earlier would help. When you get there early, it's all families and a relaxed atmosphere...it starts becoming trouble later in the day. Maybe if things wrapped up around 3pm, less people would come to party so hard.
Kim Carney May 21, 2013 at 01:32 PM
Bring back the ART and WINE festivals. There is absolutely zero class in Boogie by the B. that is why each year the average class level declines and more and more drunk people appear. I hope the city reassesses this event and revamps it. On another note I think the bars and restaurants need to honor the x drink bracelets on that day.
Stephen Allen May 21, 2013 at 01:59 PM
Hello - I agree with Kim above on this one. We have lived in Campbell for over 20 years and always leave town or go the other way during the BOTB weekends. For all the reasons above. I hope our mayor reads how our citizens feel about this event. I remember when it used to be called The Prune Festival. Although the name sounded funny, it was more in tune with Campbell's heritage and was more of an Arts and Crafts festival than an excuse to get drunk and fall down in the street. And .. O.K. - I'll say this .. Does any one else think it's a bit strange to have a Mardi Gras themed event no where close to Mardi Gras ? :) I always thought that was funny. Bye for now - Steve A.
Matt Keller May 21, 2013 at 03:26 PM
There wasn't nearly enough cowbell.
Barry Shilman May 21, 2013 at 08:09 PM
I fully agree with the resident who said it was time for the Campbell Chamber of Commerce to completely rethink these weekend events. They attract a heavy drinking crowd, mostly from outside Campbell, drive families away, and cause disturbances long into the night after the festival ends.
Cae May 22, 2013 at 02:57 PM
I'd like to see the crime statistics related to the boogie. I live close to downtown, and yes some people weren't using their night time voices and can be perceived as dressing in a gangster fashion (real "gangsters" wouldn't come to a cajun festival in CAMPBELL). Yes, some of the people in the parties were drunk but for every group I saw walking to their cars there was a clear sober driver. I do agree some people had trashy mouths, maybe only serve beer after 1 or something to retain some "family atmosphere" but....It's only 4 days a year with these festivals. In my opinion there fun and just what Campbell needs.
JJosselyn May 23, 2013 at 06:37 PM
We live in the Campbell Community Center neighborhood so it's very easy to walk there, but we just don't attend this event anymore. Should be renamed the Drunken Drama festival.
mary g May 23, 2013 at 09:42 PM
Where were the uniformed peace officers? Seems like a necessary safety measure. ROTC may be helpful, but they don't have the same type of training....


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