The Last Trip for Space Shuttle Endeavour

Campbell Patch reader Danny submitted this amazing image of the flyover. Do you have any to share?

Endeavour wowed crowds in Campbell as it flew overhead Sept. 21. Residents gathered on the top floors of the First and Second Street Parking Garages, on their roofs and at local parks.

This morning, the space shuttle began the last leg of its final destination: the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

CNN has this photo gallery of the shuttle crawling away from the city of Angeles at a speed of 2 mph and the eager fans waiting.

The Washington Post has this piece up with images of the street closures to take place tomorrow.

Campbell Patch reader 'Danny' uploaded this image of the space shuttle as it flew over the Orchard City. Do you have images you'd like to share?

Many Campbell residents I spoke with the day of the flyover and the days after all said that they had witnessed history, that the moment was magic. Do you agree? Tell us, now that the dust has settled what did watching the flyover mean to you?


Did you miss it? Read all our coverage here.


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