Bar Golf in Downtown Campbell Offers Hours of Fun

Buca Di Beppo offers a fun start to the evening.
Buca Di Beppo offers a fun start to the evening.

December 21 and an unprecedented amount of moonlit hours is almost here, and the longest night of the year is not something to waste.

So if the night is still open for the winter solstice, grab some friends and throw on your best berets, sweater vests and golf shoes.  Really Bagger Vance it up.

Leave the irons at home though.  This night is for drinking and dancing in clubs, not swinging them in frustration trying to get a ball into a hole way off in the distance.

This is bar golf, and every hour of darkness as well as every ounce of stamina will be necessary on this, the longest and greatest night of your life.

"Bar golf is just a really fun thing to go out and do with friends," says Austin Woidte, a 23-year-old college student and bar golf enthusiast.

The game is essentially this: You and your friends attend nine different bars or clubs throughout the evening, ordering a drink at each place.  Drinks are each given a stroke score based on their strength, with a certain drink being set as ‘par’ for that bar.  Stronger drinks are lower strokes (better scores) and so on.

Whichever player or team has the lowest stroke count at the end of the night wins.

Depending on how much your group tends to drink, you will want to choose drinks for each bar that will be par and drinks to be higher or lower strokes.  If everyone orders the same drink, base scores based on who finishes their drink the fastest.  Just remember to be careful and not chug too many.

This game can be played almost anywhere, but downtown Campbell makes a perfect not-so-short nine.

Here is a course to try out and some general tips on how to have a good time. 

The official rules of the game can be found here at the Wikipedia page:


The Course:

Buca Di Beppo – This restaurant in the Pruneyard is a great place to start with a drink and maybe dinner.  Rock Bottom Brewery across the street is an option as well, but something about Buca Di Beppo is just more festive.

Boswell’s – In the same shopping center, Boswell’s is not what you might expect being tucked next to a movie theatre.  This is a fun bar that is small enough to take over and divey enough to not mind a loud group passing through for a round.  

Aqui Cal-Mex Grill – The Sunrise Swirl Industrial Margarita is a classic, but an adventurous soul will try one of the daily swirl specials.  These drinks are strong, delicious and all you really need at this stop.

Sonoma Chicken Coop – Just across from Aqui, Sonoma Chicken Coop’s huge bar area and good beer and good drinks for better prices make it a worthwhile stop.

Sushi Confidential – Not the average sushi bar and not exactly confidential, this edgy establishment keeps a full bar stocked. Just try to remember that despite four or more drinks, it’s still impolite to pour your own sake.

Cardiff – Cardiff lounge is a great place to dance to some EDM.  This place really gets going as the night goes on and should be popping by this point in the journey.

Katie Bloom’s – This classic Irish Pub is the perfect place to catch your breath after Cardiff with a pint or maybe a car bomb if you’re feeling rambunctious.

The Spot – It may not look like much from the outside, but one of the biggest parties in Campbell happens late nights at The Spot.

Khartoum – Khartoum is a classy bar with friendly regulars.  It’s even more fun if there’s a big sports game on.  If it’s a quiet night, feel free to head back to The Spot or Cardiff.

Tips & Tricks:

Remember that there is no penalty for drinking water so stay hydrated.  Grab a glass or bottle of water at every third bar at least for a more pleasant morning after.

There are also several places along the way to grab a bite to eat to there's no need to drink on an empty stomach.

A cab is a worthwhile investment.  Being the designated driver and searching for parking is a hassle, and a DUI will ruin any night out.

The more, the merrier so invite as many friends as you can.  "It’s a great way for 10 or 15 people to go out together," Woidte says, "Half the fun is staying together as you go to different bars."

Bar golf is also a great way to get to know new people."You meet a lot of new people because a big group walks in all dressed up and everyone wants to know what’s going on" Woidte laughs. 

Dressing up is not necessary, but it makes it so much more fun if a dozen people are all dressed to the nines in golf getup.

Lastly, have fun and be respectful.  More than a challenge or competition, this is a game.

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