Living Simply Modern – New One Stop Shop for All Things Modern

Now more people than ever before are considering midlife career changes, whether out of choice or necessity. Brandon Logemann and Sheryl Chaloner, lifelong best friends, have often dreamed about owning a business together and working for themselves.

After years of stressful unfulfilling careers, Brandon and Sheryl decided they needed a fresh start in something new and exciting. They wanted to find an opportunity that would allow them to do something they both enjoyed, to set their own hours and be more in control of their lives, spend more time with family and friends, volunteer and travel. At age 31 Brandon has made a drastic lifestyle change by following his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and leaving Corporate America after 8 years. Sheryl is hopeful to follow in Brandon’s footsteps in the next few years.

Brandon and Sheryl had each checked into different possibilities for having their own businesses for years, both individually and as partners. When the opportunity to turn their dream into an e-commerce business appeared, they didn’t hesitate.

They opened Living Simply Modern LivingSimplyModern.com. Living Simply Modern is a one stop shop for all things modern for every aspect of your home. Finding a passion they both loved and appreciated brought their entrepreneurial drive together for a common goal.

Living Simply Modern sells modern furnishings, décor and accessories for every room in your home and even includes pets. One of the featured product lines includes Brasa designer smokeless tabletop fireplaces.

Brandon’s passion for modern design with a history in marketing and Sheryl’s passion with social media and client relations made a perfect pair to enter the world of e-commerce.


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