Did Your Home Stand Out?

128 Shelley Avenue
128 Shelley Avenue

68% of Campbell sellers sold for asking price or more in October. Was your home one of the sales that stood out?

Since October 1, 2013 there have been 38 closed sales in Campbell that were comprised of 27 single-family homes and 11 town homes/condos. The sales prices ranged from $362,000-$1,300,000.

Standing out among the homes sales were those properties we consider SALES OF THE MONTH. SALES OF THE MONTH are the properties that sold for either the highest price, achieved the highest dollar amount over asking price or the highest percentage over asking price*.

In the condo/town home market there were 2 winners this month for SALES OF THE MONTH. The highest sales price was located at 128 Shelley Avenue which was listed for $785,000 and closed at $810,000. The winner for highest dollar amount and percentage over asking was 224 Chalet Woods Place. This town home was listed for $685,000 and sold for $725,000. It sold $40,000 and 5.84% over asking price.

The all-encompassing winner this month in the single-family home market for SALE OF THE MONTH was located at 1101 El Solyo Avenue. This home was listed for $999,999 and sold for $1,300,000. The final sales price was $300,001 and 30% over the asking price.

Congratulations to all of the Campbell sellers this month and to our new Campbell home owners! Check back next month for November’s SALES OF THE MONTH. 

*Asking price is a subjective value and not always indicative of market value. 


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