Welcome Wagon Surprises Businesses in Campbell

The Campbell Chamber of Commerce went out this morning to welcome new members of the chamber with plaques and gift bags.

The yellow van pulls up at its first location, its door is thrown open and a group of people spill out. The automotive shop never saw it coming.

The had its "Welcome Wagon" go out Wednesday to several businesses new to the chamber.and were among the businesses taken by surprise.

"I'm really surprised" says Jack Hu, manager of Los Gatos Foreign Car. "I'm really happy about this."

Although his business has been around for 20 years, Hu is new to the chamber.

"A lot of people come for computer control problems and to fix pollution cars," he says.

The chamber has been doing its Welcome Wagon now for almost a year in an effort to introduce new members to its services and to other businesses. Welcome bags are filled with business cards, pens and even freshly baked goodies.

"It’s a great way for us to go out and make contact with our members," says Neil Collins, executive director of the chamber. "We have some members that have difficulty coming out with our functions, so we go to them instead of them having to come to us."

Collins says that although most businesses are happy to see the group of sometimes eight, there are a few times that businesses are a little wary.

"We had no idea," says Brenden Murphy of CopyCo to the chamber's unannounced visit. "It's awesome."

His father, Sean Murphy, has had the business in Campbell for 25 years, the last 10 years in its current location.


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