Stacks Hopes to Serve Mimosas with Those Pancakes

Local breakfast restaurant applies for alcohol license.

If things go their way, customers of the local pancake house will be able to order up their favorite early morning cocktails to go with their breakfast.

Stacks has applied for an alcohol permit.

"A lot of customers were asking for it so there seems to be a demand," said Stacks General Manager James Greeley.

The local business is not the first in the chain to offer alcohol to its patrons. The San Francisco location has an alcohol permit and the Menlo Park location recently received its permit as well.

Hours of operation will not be affected, Greeley said. Those hours will stay the same. There will not be a bar area added and the restaurant is looking to server beer and wine.

If approved, this will be the first time this location has offered alcohol, he said.

"We will have the sign posted for 30 days and have mailed out the announcement to everyone within 500 feet," he said. "Hopefully within three months we will be serving alcohol."

Sortacool February 06, 2012 at 10:14 PM
I'm for anything that adds to the Downtown Campbell experience. It's such a welcome change from the days of an almost ghost town downtown.


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