Slurp Free at 7-Eleven Wednesday

Go celebrate the launch of the Slurpee Lite with a free drink.

Normally, icy-sugary-multicolored-drink lovers have to wait until July 7 (7/11, get it?) to pick up a free Slurpee at the convenience store. Not this year. 

With 7-Eleven's launch of Slurpee Lite, the new low calorie version, Wednesday, May 23 is Slurp Free Day, and anyone can pick up a free 7.11 ounce drink from, you guessed it, 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Here in Campbell, we've got strategically-placed 7-Elevens in three spots across town:

  • at 2335 Winchester Blvd.
  • at 262 W Sunnyoaks Ave.
  • and at 2223 S Bascom Ave.

According to TIME Moneyland, 7-Eleven has timed the spring giveaway perfectly.

"Marketers want to get the refreshing drinks and snacks into the heads of consumers just as the peak season for seeking refreshing drinks takes place," TIME's Brad Tuttle wrote on Monday. "Summer is also prime season for road trips, impromptu ramblings, and plenty of time hanging around doing next to nothing but trying to stay cool—all of which pair, conveniently enough, with Slurpees."

Of course 7-Eleven is trying to get you through the door, where you're more likely to buy something along with your freebie. But that, dear Patch readers, is entirely up to you. Enjoy your free Slurpee!

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