A Khartoum Bloody Mary Off

Campbell's Khartoum is hosting the first 'Bloody Mary Off' bartending contest March 3.

This Saturday, various daytime bartenders in Campbell—and one from Los Gatos—will offer up their Bloody Mary for a chance to reign as "Best Bloody Mary."

The event, says General Manager Kelly Crowley originated from various daytime bartenders from Boswell's and and a bit of "smack talking."

"Once we started talking more about it, we decided to put the challenge out to our neighbors as well as some of our customers," Crowley says.

A sign-up sheet was hung up at the bar and in a weekend it was full. The competition takes place at 12 noon, Saturday, March 3 at Khartoum.

The contest will be broken down into two portions: the first will give bartenders five minutes to make the best looking Bloody Mary they can and the second, the best tasting Bloody Mary, with no garnish. Both tests will be "blind."

"Bloody Marys are a source of pride for most bartenders," Crowley says. "It is where a bit of our flair and personality can shine!"

The event will feature bartenders from:

  • CB Hannegan's (Los Gatos)


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