'It's Not a Diet. It's a Life Change.'

New nutrition shop comes to The Courtyard in downtown Campbell.

John Pereira wants to help you reach your fitness goals. All you have to do is ask.

“You say what you want,” said Pereira, owner of Cali Muscle in downtown Campbell, “and we’re going to help get you there.”

As a former champion body builder, Pereira knows firsthand how to sculpt the human body. Now, Pereira said, it’s your turn.   

“We’re willing to sit here with our clients and help them with their own plan,” the 25-year-old nutrition shop owner said. “We’re always here for them.”

That’s the difference between Cali Muscle and other nutrition shops, Pereira said. In fact, Cali Muscle sells many of the same products as other health shops, but unlike corporate stores, they’re willing to negotiate prices.

“We always try to make it affordable for everyone,” Pereira said, sternly. “I’m not trying to get rich here by selling product.”

The nutrition shop provides a 10-week body transformation program that, depending on your fitness goals, ranges in price from $500 to $1,500, Pereira said.

The detailed consultation focuses on long-term results and includes a nutrition, supplement and exercise plan that’s specifically tailored to your fitness needs.

“It’s not a diet,” Pereira said, confidently. “It’s a life change.”

Pereira said he’s excited about the opportunity to help local runners and swimmers but especially everyday people who want to be healthier.

“It’s the little things that make a big difference,” Pereira said. “Vitamins.” 

He used the analogy of a brick house to explain the key role vitamins play in the body.

“Vitamins are the cement that keep the house together,” Pereira said. “Without them, the house is going to fall down eventually. It may look good on the outside, but how’s the inside look?”

Cali Muscle opened its doors in May and is still in its “soft opening” phase. And despite a sluggish economy, Pereira said he didn’t second-guess opening Cali Muscle in Campbell.

“If you question yourself in training, you can injury yourself,” he said. “I figure if I stay positive and go forward, there’s not going to be anything to stop me.” 

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