Graphic Designer Brings Visual Feast to Downtown Campbell

Kaleido Lamps officially opened its doors Feb. 8.

The warm glow seeps out of the floating shapes in the window. Upon further inspection, each is made up of dozens of smaller pieces, forming shapes where they intersect.

These small shapes are actually behind the name of Campbell's newest addition to the downtown.

"When you look at the connecting pieces, they look like kaleidoscopes," Tan Le says.

His wife, Cherry Do is credited for the lamp store's moniker.

Le and his wife have spent a lot of time in Campbell. They shop, they play and now, they create and sell elaborate light fixtures.

He opened up Kaleido Lamps during the Campbell Winter Wine Walk on Feb. 8 and was all smiles.

"It was awesome!" Le says. "We made some food and a lot of people came over. The next couple of days, people came back to get lights."

They have been working on opening up the lighting shop for more than six months out of their Milpitas home and were excited to finally open the doors during a busy Campbell event.

"There were so many people," Le says. "We've never seen Campbell so busy."

Do grew up in Campbell and loved the look and feel of the community. The location was just what they wanted.

Each of the light fixtures is hand assembled by Le, who designs them on his computer.

"I was in graphic design school in Vietnam and learned about shapes and colors and how to design them using various programs," he says.

But his love of shapes and colors began before turning on his first computer. Le loved to draw in high school.

"Seeing the colors, the shapes, it was something beautiful," he says.

This love of color and beauty and the desire to create it stems from one person, Le's father.

"He's not an artist," he says. "He's a normal man working for his family but he would tell me, 'nothing is impossible as long as you can create it.'"

All lamps in the store range from $19 for the small round ones up to $200 for the larger, more intricate ones, but Le says the most popular lamps range between $19 and $39. All lamps include light bulb and cord.

Everything is currently 20 percent off and Le offers free delivery within a 10-mile radius.

Watch the video that accompanies this story to see Le demonstrate for the first time on camera how he assembles his lamps.


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