Claim Your Listing on 'Campbell Patch'

If you own or manage a business in Campbell, you can claim your listing in the "Campbell Patch" directory.

Do you own a business in Campbell? Have you seen your listing in the Campbell Patch directory? We’ve compiled a comprehensive directory of businesses ranging from restaurants and stores to local government offices.

Each listing has some general info and pictures of the business — but if you own or manage the business you can claim the listing.

Claiming the listing will give you a bit more administrative access to the listing. Adding photos, details we may have missed and other information.

So how do you claim your listing? It’s easy!

Find your listing in the Campbell Patch directory. For example, let’s say you own or manage .

  • On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see an icon that says “Do you own or manage this location? Claim it! “
  • Hit the link, and Campbell Patch will prompt you with a form asking you several questions. We’ll ask for your name, your roll at the organization, and your phone number. We’ll also ask how you’re authorized to represent this organization (Do you own the business? Manage the business? Etc).
  • Hit “Submit Claim,” and you’re good to go!

Claiming your listing is just one more way to get the most out of Campbell Patch. Be sure to claim your business’s or organization’s listing today!


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