Best Blogs on Patch: Remembering Newtown

Read memories of the tragedy, one year later.

By Penny Riordan

Patch bloggers write about a variety of our topics on our site. Bloggers use the platform to share photos, offer tips on a specific topic or promote volunteer activities. 

A year after the tragedy of the Sandy Hook shootings, a North Carolina blogger woman continues to blog on Newtown Patch wishing the community well: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa in Heaven: and 26 Brighter Stars.

Parents from Newtown reflect on the last year: Natalie's Kitchen - One Year Later. 

A little boy grows his hair out for locks of love: The Coolest Boy I Know - Meet Odyn.

If you have several bridesmaid dresses in your closet, you'll want to read this: Debunk the Myth: How to Turn Your Bridesmaid Dress into the Perfect Holiday Dress.

A beautiful holiday photo: Winter in the Stable.

Some environmentally conscious advice for wrapping presents:Clever Ways to Reduce Paper this Holiday Season.

Some age-old advice: Garlic: The Secret Weapon to Fight a Bad Cold.

Patch is open platform where readers can post, comment and recommend stories on the site. Any user is welcome to blog, by going to the ‘blogs’ tab from the homepage.


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