Campbell Band Rocks the Bay, Needs Your Votes

Campbell's Madman's Lullaby competed at local radio station The Bone 107.7's Local Licks Battle of the Bands.

Courtesy MML
Courtesy MML
The Orchard City has been known to produce artistic people of all kinds, including musicians.

Campbell's Madman's Lullaby competed at local radion station The Bone 107.7's Local Licks Battle of the Bands competition and are now competing with 19 other local winning groups for a chance to open http://www.1077thebone.com/common/page.php?pt=Local+Licks+-+Battle+of+the+Bands&id=3293&is_corp=0 Bone Bash #14, featuring Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Night Ranger.

Campbell Patch caught up to them to talk about what inspires them, what's so special about their brand of music and how their hometown has influenced their music.

Patch: Tell me about your band, how long you've played, what inspires you and what makes you different from other bands out there.

Mr. Brett: Madman's Lullaby originally formed late 2006, early 2007. Our current lineup has been together since June 2010. Bassist Mike Tersigni and I, the guitar player, are founding members. Drummer Eric Arbizu joined in spring of 2008. Vocalist Dave Friday joined in summer of 2010.

We have played the local scene actively since then. Some of our noteworthy shows have featured Michael Schenker, LA Guns, Pat Travers, Winger, Tesla’s Frank Hannon, and Lynch Mob. We've also done shows down in Hollywood at the world-famous Whiskey a Go Go and Last Day Saloon up in Santa Rosa.

Eric Arbizu: We take inspiration from the last three decades of rock – everyone from Tesla and The Scorpions to Stone Temple Pilots and Candlebox, but we try to keep it fresh and add our own twist. Our songs have been called “infectious” and “catchy,” which are great compliments.

We don’t think we’re reinventing the wheel at this point, but think we produce music that sounds both familiar and still not something anyone can point to and say, 'That sounds like So-and-So.'

We head into the studio later this month to begin work on a NEW Madman's Lullaby CD for release in early 2014.

Patch: Where in Campbell are you from, what are your old/same stomping grounds.

Mr. Brett: I founded the band with our original drummer Jeff in Campbell. So that’s where we originated and still practice. And now Eric lives off Campbell Avenue, and has lived in Campbell on and off throughout his life.

We’ve all played the Campbell clubs – especially Puma’s -- with our various other bands, such as Sleaze, Monolith and Riddle. So that’s where our roots are.

Patch: Did you take music in school? What schools did you go to and who left a lasting impression on you?

Mr. Brett: No I never took any lessons, or took band class in school. I guess I learned by trial by error. And I guess always loved music growing up -- I used to jump around my room to Kiss Alive! with a baseball bat as my guitar LOL.

I still love KISS but fortunately I got away from that bat.

Patch:  How has Campbell influenced you and your music?

Eric Arbizu: We like that even though we’re actually in Silicon Valley here, we don’t suffer from that high-tech culture a lot of our neighboring towns do. There’s peace and quiet here, so you can think.

And that coupled with the charming downtown and historic stuff is a great backdrop for making raw, pounding rock-n-roll. LOL.

We also like that Campbell was involved with the US Supreme Court and the right to free speech in California. Kind of goes with rock-n-roll, doesn’t it?”

Check out the contestants (Madman’s Lullaby is #12) and vote here: http://www.1077thebone.com/common/page.php?pt=Local+Licks+-+Battle+of+the+Bands&id=3293&is_corp=0


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