Why Do You Love Campbell?

There are so many reasons out there. Tell us one of yours!

There are just so many reasons to love the Orchard City so we decided to give you, the reader a chance at letting the world know.

Every day, we will publish a different reason to love Campbell, as told by residents and fans of Campbell in our "bulletin" section of the site--right at the top of the page.

Each reason will then be recorded here so that if you missed one, you can always catch it here.

Tell us your reason in the comments section of this article and we will include it in a daily bulletin! Make sure to include your name as you would like it to appear and a single sentence, for a total of 140 characters.

Reason No. 1: "I love Campbell because it has kept it’s small town charm in spite of it’s being surrounded by millions of people." Dana Smith

Reason No. 2: "I love Campbell for our pride and our unique sense of community within the larger Bay Area." Dave Carmichael

Reason No. 3: "LOVE the Heritage Village Post Office! Short lines. Friendly and helpful staff. SO convenient." Marla Sanchez

Reason No. 4: "It's NOT San Jose." @Stonecollonge   

Reason No. 5: "I love Campbell because it has a quiet sophistication but still feels like a neighborhood." Brian Dixon

Reason No. 6: "Each department works together to improve the quality of life in the City and I am proud to be part of that effort." Charley Adams

Reason No. 7: "I love the fact that when you meet a stranger on the street, they greet you. That’s the way a town should be." Sally Howe

Reason No. 8: "I love all the cool one-word restaurants: Stack's. Twist. Frost. That's just hip. (The ones with more words are good too.)" Bill Moore

Reason No. 9: "I love the young community and the young at heart." Gabrielle Medrano

Reason No. 10: "I love the sense of community and caring that all the residents have for the city and school district.” Dr. Eric Andrew

Reason No. 11: "Reasons to Love Campbell ..... It's dog friendly." Dave Molloy

Reason No. 12: "I love Campbell because we were the first city in Silicon Valley to pass citywide pension reform with the support of public employees in order to be responsible with the taxpayer dollar." Evan Low

Reason No. 13: "The Farmer’s Market provides entertainment for me and my small children early Sunday mornings when no one else, daddy included, is awake yet." Amanda Orrin

Reason No. 14: “I love that it's a friendly place.” Don Eduardo

Reason No. 15: “I love that it's not your average little downtown. It's very European.” Steve Arambula 

Reason No. 16: “I love Campbell because it's the city I live in. It's a family-oriented place and everyone is friendly.” Amos Otis

Reason No. 17: “I love how it's so dog-friendly. I bring my dog to work every day and walk her up and down the street.” Gina Trovato

Reason No. 18: “I love Campbell because the Jewelbox is here.” Marsha Smith

Reason No. 19: “People are very friendly and you can walk up to anybody and have a chat.” Johan Christiaanse.

Reason No. 20: "It's the quintessential small town in the middle of megalopolis." Cary Stover, Citizen of the Year 2012

Reason No. 21: “I love the friendships that I've made here, both with business owners and customers.” Brooke Ramirez

Reason No. 22: “I love that it's the only place that has almost all the restaurants with outdoor dining. It reminds me of the shopping and dining districts in Paris.” Deb Rohzen

Reason No. 23: "I love Campbell because of the people." Cynthia Gonzalez Sebastian

Reason No. 24: "I love Campbell because it is safe and clean!" Eva Jimenez

Reason No. 25: "I love Campbell because I was born here, because my roots are here and because Campbell residents are so welcoming." Dan Furtado

Reason No. 26: “I love Campbell cause it has people like you in it, who actually care about the community, plus living here since 1976 i got to see it grow but still keep its charm.” Thomas Hood

Reason No. 27: "I love the small town atmosphere in the middle of a big city." Chris Dunn  

Reason No. 28: "What I love is the small-town feel of Campbell's downtown." Chief of Police Greg Finch

Reason No. 29: “I love it's small town-feel. It's like a family.” Sandi Skidoo

Reason No. 30: “I love Campbell because it’s compact and intimate.” Daniel Odulo

Reason No. 31: “I love that we have a small town but still have a lot of choices.” Melanie

Reason No. 32: "I love that Campbell has managed to maintain the small town feel with the downtown shops and restaurants, farmers market, the community center, parks, neighborhoods, and city events. Campbell isn't just a town, it's a community :)"

Reason No. 33: "I love Campbell because it's a place you can give to and it gives back." Mayor Mike Kotowski

Reason No. 34: “I love that Campbell has so many dog lovers in the community....take a walk downtown and you'll see shops have dog friendly watering holes outside their stores." Misty Booth

Reason No. 35: “I feel like I get the benefits of living in a small town and a large urban area at the same time.” ThinkingBear

Reason No. 36: "I love that Campbell hosts Relay For Life every July! Our community has raised $2.5M for the American Cancer Society and helped save my life." Kim Carney

Reason No. 37: "I love Campbell because preserving the Town's historic charm is important to our leaders. Reading that they are looking to add more properties to the 'historic list' just solidifies their commitment." Catherine Hickinbotham

Reason No. 38: "I love Cambell because it is big enough to have great services, but small enough to care. Case in point, the personal phone call I got when my son's skateboarding class was cancelled due to the weather! Thanks Parks and Recreation for doing a great job!!!" Cheryl Blankenship Kupras

Reason No. 39: "We love that Campbell is full of exceptionally cool, friendly, approachable, down to earth people who also love Campbell!" David and Darlene Steele

Reason No. 40: "I love those Campbellites who had the foresight to do such things as establish a library in 1905; maintain the city's historic downtown; buy Campbell High School to create a Community Center; and support a museum and theater. Campbell has been very fortunate to have civic leaders who act intelligently on behalf of the entire community." Madalyn Perrine

Reason No. 41: "I love looking at the homes with character around the downtown area." Cathy Weselby

Reason No. 42: "My reason: I was born and raised here. I also love the Campbell community center pool and track and summer camp programs and all the parks and the Los gatos creek trail and everything else!" Amanda Jo Fisk 

Reason No. 43: "I love walking to the farmer's market on the weekend. And I love being within crawling distance to Aqui's and their deadly swirls. I love that working in downtown San Jose, I am going into work against the traffic, and going home against the traffic. I also love the dog parks and the cool old cars that cruise around downtown. Not to mention the occasional cruise bike invasion out of nowhere!!" Page Bridges 

Cathy Weselby February 24, 2012 at 03:45 AM
I love looking at the homes with character around the downtown area.
Alan Zisser May 17, 2012 at 11:06 PM
Need to remove this. This is promoting a get rich quick scheme. Shouldn't be on this post.
Madalyn Perrine May 31, 2012 at 05:35 PM
I love those Campbellites who had the foresight to do such things as establish a library in 1905; maintain the city's historic downtown; buy Campbell High School to create a Community Center; and support a museum and theater. Campbell has been very fortunate to have civic leaders who act intelligently on behalf of the entire community.
Sarah Erbil June 27, 2012 at 10:08 PM
1. The Campbell farmer's market 2. 23 Skidoo (love that store!) 3. Stopping for geese. 4. The weather. 5. Blue Sky - best Chinese food EVER!
Laurie McClellan July 01, 2012 at 01:33 AM
Sidewalks, music, festivals, art, coffee, the watertower, flowers, trees, wine, weather, history, nostalgia ~ a charming little town with a smart and trendy flavor...


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