'My Life Will Never Be the Same'

Part 2 of our month-long Mother’s Day series on what it means to be a mom.

Us Mom Squad Moms think motherhood is the best, most rewarding job in the world and we are so proud to be Moms. We love watching our children grow and delight in their accomplishments.

We are there to scoop them up and shower them with kisses when they get hurt, but we also know when to just let them do things on their own. It’s our job to teach them not only how to eat, talk, and walk, but also to be kind and well mannered, to share and to have empathy for others. Moms teach children how to be little people from “scratch.”

Being a Mom means something a little different to each of us, so we asked Moms at all different stages of motherhood: What does being a Mom mean to you?

Each week leading up to Mother's Day, we’ll share their responses with you:

Amy S:

Being a mom to me means surrendering to the fact that my life will never be the same as it was before having kids and that everyday is a learning process. I walk next to my son, not ahead or behind because when we walk at different speeds I take the risk of missing something wonderful. He teaches me as much as I teach him.

Energy; toddlers have a lot of it and I have to continue to find ways to keep my son engaged, moving and experiencing the world around him. On certain days, I have to tap into my reserve even when I just want to sit because I have to remember that his energy reflects mine. He keeps me active and seeing the world through his eyes and I am grateful for that amazing gift.

Individuality is such a strong concept but being a mom means letting my son find himself while I hold his hand along the way. Every toddler is different and I have to remember that there is not just one mold or way a child should “be” except themselves.

No, there is a word I hear a lot from a toddler! Being a mom means being flexible not only with my son (when it is appropriate) but with myself. No day is perfect, there are not right or wrong parenting styles and we just have to do what works for us. So being a mom means allowing yourself to bend when bending is needed and just being okay with saying “no” sometimes.

Giving is one of the major things I do on a daily basis. To me being a mom means giving love, comfort, space, and opportunities for growth. Also by giving to him and others I am teaching my son to one day give back, whether it is to his own family, community or other peoplein his life.

Allowing for mistakes is a big part of what it means to be a mom. At 2, my son is making mistakes on a daily basis and not because he knows better, but because he doesn’t. By letting my toddler make mistakes it is how he will learn and grow. It also means that as a mom I will make mistakes, sometimes daily, and that is okay because even at 32 years old, I am still learning.

Management. Need I say more? I manage meals, schedules, activities, educational opportunities, household chores and more. Being a mom means making the world go round, even if it is just a toddler’s world. I can’t think of anything better to manage, can you?

Options are important to give and to have. As a mom, I need to provide options, even if it is just having my son choose “the dinosaur shirt or the tie-dyed shirt” because it is teaching my son that life is about choices. Toddlers and adults alike like knowing they are respected enough to be a part of the decision making process no matter how big or small.

Moments. Being a mom means remembering all the moments: the good, the bad, the ugly and the amazing (which are in the lead by the way). As a mom we are so busy making sure our kids are taken care of, that our husbands are happy and that the house is functioning, but stopping to remember why we are moms and the joys of motherhood make it all worth it.

Being a mom means letting the dishes balance in the sink like a circus act when my son wants to play trucks, letting the laundry pile grow when my son wants to cuddle or letting the floor look like 20 elephants trampled through when my son wants to walk hand in hand to the park. Those moments really sum up what it means to be a mom and those moments are what I will cherish the rest of my life. I can’t wait for more.

We all view our roles as mothers a little differently, but there is no denying how much we love our kids and our role as their Mom!

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Call For Comments:
What does being a Mom mean to you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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