Tis The Season - The Season For Sneezin’

Cold and Flu Season.

This past week the Mom Squad has been sick. Yep. The whole Mom Squad. Moms, kids, and even Dads. So, we thought what better time to share our thoughts germs and such.

As we said previously, “indoor season” is upon us, and with that comes the spread of cold and flu germs. We enjoy having play dates at each other’s homes, and have a few common sense guidelines we’d like to share:

1. If you think your kid is sick, stay home.

- This one seems obvious, but we have attended (and hosted) play dates where parents brought their sick children. It really just isn’t fair for the other non-sick children. We know, it’s hard to be stuck in the house until your kiddo is all better, but it will pass and you will be back out soon. It just isn’t worth risking getting others sick.

2. No toys in the mouth (exception of course for the babies).

- Putting toys in the mouth is a sure fire way to spread those germies. It can be hard to teach kids, but like everything else, you just have to be consistent. If they just can’t resist, be sure to toss toys in a sink full of warm soapy water or at least give them a wipe down after.

3. No sharing of cups/ drinks.

- Just another germ spreader. It’s nice to share, but once again, not things that go in the mouth.

4. Keep runny noses wiped.

- Another seemingly obvious one, but again, we’ve come across a few kids who could use a good wipe down. Runny noses are not only gross, but are big germ spreaders. Some kids are old enough to wipe or blow their own noses, but for those who aren’t it falls on us Mamas to do it. Our kids aren’t fans of being wiped (at all!), but it’s gotta be done.

5. Wash those hands!

- By far the most obvious. Wash hands often and wash them well. You can teach your kids to sing the ABCs or “Happy Birthday” while they wash so that they don’t rush. Also, be sure to teach them to wash not only their palms, but also the backs of their hands, fingernails, and wrists too.

If it’s too late and you or your kiddos are already sick, there are a few other things you can do to help keep it from spreading:

- Wipe down their toys with disinfecting wipes. (We also like to wipe down things that get touched often such as light switches, faucets handles, door knobs, and remote controls.) 

- Air out the house (weather permitting of course). A little fresh air goes a long way!

- Make sure they get lots of rest, lots of water, and lots of snuggles. (This is the perfect time to let them hang out in their jammies and snuggle up with a movie!)

Being sick totally sucks. But it can suck less often if we all just adopt a few healthy habits. We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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Avi Shenkar December 14, 2011 at 06:22 AM
I try to keep the house clean, disinfect counter tops and clean regularly used products. I have bacterminator.com covers on our cell phones, iPad and macbooks that keeps them antibacterial and non toxic.
Bethany Curran December 16, 2011 at 06:24 AM
Good point! We all use our electronic devices so much, but we sometimes forget that they need to be cleaned too. Anything (device, surface, toy, etc) that gets touched should be cleaned and / disinfected regularly to keep those germies at bay. Happy (and healthy!) Holidays to you, Avi! Thanks for reading :)


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