The Best National Blogs on Patch: Tips on Homeschooling and Injury Prevention

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Photo courtesy of Blogger Maria Brophy
Photo courtesy of Blogger Maria Brophy

By Penny Riordan

Patch bloggers write about a variety of our topics on our site. Bloggers use the platform to share photos, offer tips on a specific topic or promote volunteer activities. 

Here’s some of the best blogs we saw this week: 

1. You've heard that stretching before exercise is a good way to prevent injury, but is that really true? 

Fitness expert Benjamin weighs in on the evidence in his blog Archetype Fitness on Mill Valley Patch. 

"Before I continue any further, I want to point out that this article is not aimed at bashing stretching. Improving flexibility and range of motion in joints is a fundamental aspect of your health and fitness levels. I am here to warn that static stretching before working out can hinder performance and possibly lead to acute muscle injuries." 

2. While most folks know that homeschooling is on the rise, more parents are also turning to virtual homeschooling as a way to educate their children. 

Blogger Maria Brophy wrote about her child's experiences in a post on San Clemente Patch. 

Brophy said the first year for her son was tough, but her son learned to manage his time after six months, which made a huge difference.

"Our greatest benefit was that our son was able to learn to control his own time, and to be self-motivated and efficient.

These are crucial skills for entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators; the movers and shakers of the world. 

The ability to create a productive day, on your own, without being told to by an authority figure, is extremely powerful."

3. Sometimes a blog post can be a thank-you for volunteers, which is exactly what the folks at Supporting Urban Neighborhoods (SUN) did in a post on Carlsbad Patch. 

Rachel Lister wrote in a post about church groups and high school students descending on a neighborhood in Carlsbad to do home improvement projects. 

She also posted photos of the event, which showed happy volunteers doing lots of great work!

4. On Farmington-Farmington Hills Patch, several photographers have started posting photo blogs. 

Blogger Steve Wosina's photos are especially compelling. Take a look!

5. If you're planning a wedding, you'll want to read this blog post on Southbury Patch.

Blogger Terry Pfeifer walks readers through how to weigh the pros and cons of having a band or a DJ at your wedding. 

And no matter what you choose, probably the most important advice is: "No matter which you choose, make sure you sit down with your entertainment and go over exactly how you want the reception to go. Make sure they have your “must play” songs as well as your “absolutely not ever” songs."

Patch is open platform where readers can post, comment and recommend stories on the site. Any user is welcome to blog, by going to the ‘blogs’ tab from the homepage.


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