Shea Shaw's Family Are Hopeful for Her Recovery

The local Campbell teen is now breathing on her own after a hit-and-run accident on Jan. 8 left her in a coma.

It has been exactly two months and 27 days since Campbell 15-year-old Shea Shaw was and left fighting for her life.

Today, the sophomore is breathing on her own and showing small signs of recovery.

"Shea is doing good," says Nicole Miner, the girlfriend of Shea's brother, Dane. "She is making little improvements every day. Baby steps, but that is good!"

Doctors have now removed the tracheal tube, and Shea is breathing completely on her own. She is following more commands, and her eyes are starting to open, just a little, Miner says.

"She is starting to perform commands three times in a row for her therapists, and there is even talk about her going home in the near future," she says.

For now, her family members spend their time between their homes and the hospital, taking turns watching over the teen.

"The family wants to thank the community for their continued prayers and donations," Miner says.

There are no new developments in Shea Shaw's hit and run case, said San Jose Police Spokesman Jose Garcia.

Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank to the and will specifically assist Shea's family with her medical bills.

Anyone with information about the hit-and-run is asked to contact San Jose Police Department at 408-409-5339.

Updates 4/4/2011 at 4:02 p.m.


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