Part 4: Pearl Harbor, Battle of the Bulge and Other Stories, As Told By a Campbell Veteran

Campbell veterans share their stories and thoughts on Memorial Day.

means so many different things to so many:

  • Something to do with veterans
  • A three-day weekend
  • Barbecue season kicks off
  • Summer

But for these Campbell veterans, the day means so much more. This is the fourth installment of that will run through Memorial Day.

In Campbell, the Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation, which Jim Free is a part of, is working on a to recognize those that have died and honor all those who served, to be built in the . The ribbon-cutting ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 11, depending on whether the foundation is able to raise the necessary money.

At the moment, $150,000 has been raised for the memorial, and more in-kind donations are expected, but a total of $650,000 is needed in order to make that Nov. 11 deadline possible.

The group is raising money through various means, including straight donations, in-kind donations and the sale of engraved bricks honoring loved ones that will be part of the memorial—at $125 each.

The foundation will also join with the Bay Area Equity Group in downtown Campbell to host a barbecue fundraiser on June 25.

If you have any questions on donations or buying engraved bricks or the June 25 barbecue, call 408-370-2200 or visit the website below.

Here is a list of websites for further information on Memorial Day and Veterans:


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