Neighborhood Associations May Begin to Blossom in Campbell

Campbell neighbors come together to discuss formation of neighborhood associations and their benefits.

Many neighborhood associations form around a negative circumstance—crime, violence and vandalism.

The Hamann Park Neighborhood Association began with the discovery of a dead body. The San Tomas West Neighborhood Association began after two murders shook the residents there.

The key to keep a neighborhood association alive and sustainable beyond these negative circumstances is to find a way to move past them into a more positive reason for existence, such as social events that bring neighbors together.

At least this is what local neighborhood association leaders said at a night meeting Wednesday at .

"This is my neighborhood, and I have an investment in that neighborhood," said Phil Reynolds Jr., Campbell planning commissioner and organizer of the meeting. "I'm the eyes and ears of the (Campbell) . We want to keep crime out of our city, because it's easier to keep it out than to get it out once it's here."

The evening meeting drew out 35 people, including residents of various neighborhoods throughout Campbell.

Speakers included , Campbell's mayor; Ken Kelly, United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County president, Neil Collins of the Barry Shilman, Downtown Campbell Neighborhood Association president; Glen Lynch, Hamann Park Neighborhood Association co-president; and Warren Campbell and Peter Rushbrook, San Tomas West Neighborhood Association co-presidents.

"We're making roadways in building community in Campbell," Reynolds said.


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