'My Children Have Opened My Eyes to Just How Beautiful This World Can Be'

Part 4 of our month-long Mother’s Day series.

Us Mom Squad Moms think motherhood is the best, most rewarding job in the world and we are so proud to be Moms. We love watching our children grow and delight in their accomplishments. We are there to scoop them up and shower them with kisses when they get hurt, but we also know when to just let them do things on their own.

It’s our job to teach them not only how to eat, talk, and walk, but also to be kind and well mannered, to share and to have empathy for others. Moms teach children how to be little people from “scratch.”

Being a Mom means something a little different to each of us, so we asked Moms at all different stages of motherhood: What does being a Mom mean to you?

Each week leading up to Mother's Day, we’ll share their responses with you:

Caroline C.

Being a mother has by far, been the most life changing experience I have ever had. It has opened up my heart more than I could ever have imagined and changed the way I think about nearly everything in my life. It has meant growing up and knowing that everything I do affects not only me, but my children as well, which has given me a far greater incentive to be a good person and do things well.

To me, motherhood means passing on the lessons and traditions of the past and present, and learning from our mistakes so that my children’s future will be better. It means learning more about who I am and who I want to be, so I can best help my kids learn who they are and who they will become. It means working on my own relationships and keeping peace with my family and friends, so my children have a good example of how to treat others and how to be treated themselves. I means being aware that mistakes, no matter how frequent, help us grow and that my children will learn from their mistakes as well as mine.

Being a mother means being a teacher, a mentor, a guide, a nurse, a friend, a disciplinarian, and a student. It means being a better daughter because I now know how my mother feels when I do something good, when I am not so good, and when I forget to reassure her that I am safe and sound. It also makes me appreciate my own mother more for always being there for me and making me feel as though I will always be loved unconditionally by her.

Being a mother means being a role model, knowing that my daughter is watching and emulating everything I do. She said the other day to my husband, “I want to be like her!” which in addition to completely melting my heart, made me realize I have to be very aware of the things I do and the way I behave around her and my son.

Being a mother has taught me the importance of balance, doing my best to prioritize playing with my kids, teaching them lessons, and maintaining the functionality of my household. It means preparing my kids in every way I know how to be, to learn all they can, and to develop a love for learning as I have.

But most of all, being a mother means being in a nearly perpetual state of amazement because my children have opened my eyes to just how beautiful this world can be. I know things will not always be perfect, but my children are the most precious things to me, and my heart has grown exponentially since they were born. In short, being a mother means the world to me!

We all view our roles as mothers a little differently, but there is no denying how much we love our kids and our role as their Mom!

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Call For Comments:
What does being a Mom mean to you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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