London Native, Dave Molloy Finds His Home in the Orchard City

Campbell resident Dave Molloy tells us about some of his favortite things and how he ended up moving to Campbell from London, England.

(Editor's Note: Alyssa Heater is a San Jose State Journalism student who wrote this piece for Patch as part of a class assignment.)

For Dave Molloy, life is full of adventure and the unexpected can happen in a flash before our eyes.

This man grew up 6,000 miles east from here, and never thought his soul mate would come from halfway around the world. 

Campbell Patch spoke with Malloy, and how his story makes him one interesting man to know. From working the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority light rail to writing for Raydar Magazine in London, Malloy definitely has a variety of interests and keeps me entertained during our interview.

Campbell Patch: Where did you grow up?

Dave Molloy: I grew up a little bit east from here, London to be exact. I met a woman online 6,000 miles away, which brought me here.

We didn’t meet on a dating service site. She was just searching around through AOL profiles for someone to talk to with similar interests.

Patch:  Was it hard for you to move so far away from everything you had ever known?

Molloy:  I had just got divorced, and was living with a friend, it was tough to leave my friends and family behind, but I talk to them weekly on the phone and with email so it is like I never left.

Patch:  How are the people in Campbell compared to the people in London?

Molloy: People here tend to be more open and friendly compared to my experiences at home, however I lived in London, and that had the whole “big city” thing going on.

Patch: Had you visited the United States prior to moving here?

Molloy: Yes. The first time I came was for a month, and the other two times I was here for two weeks. The fourth time was before I had moved here, and that was for a month.

When I came to visit, I always based my trips around a car show or drag race. I watch people race old cars and am really into automobiles. I like super rare coach-built car shows, such as Pebble Beach in Monterey. I also take photographs of old cars and motorcycles. 

Patch: What are your other hobbies and interests that we should know about?

Molloy: Well my dogs are my main consumer, they are with me 90 percent of the time, and in fact they have been “Dogs of the week” on Patch before.

Patch: What is your favorite movie?

Molloy: Snatch, which is an English movie. I really like that movie.

Patch: What was the last concert you went to?

Molloy: The last concert I went to was Madness at The Warfield in San Francisco.

Campbell Patch: Do you decorate for the holidays? And if so have you started decorating.

Dave Molloy: My wife decorates, and the tree is out. 

Campbell Patch: Where is your favorite place to eat in Campbell and what is your favorite food?

Dave Molloy: We usually have breakfast at Cafe San Jose in San Jose, but right on the border of Campbell. I like all sorts of food, but if it comes down to an absolute favorite, it would have to be Heinz Baked Beans on toast, a favorite from back home, and until recently a rare treat, as the British food store used to charge $4.00+ a can!

But now we have Fresh & Easy, which is owned by an English supermarket company, they carry a lot of English treats.

Campbell Patch:  Last but not least, can you tell us one thing that’s totally overrated?

Dave Molloy: Starbucks! It is the evil empire; people walk in and wait five minutes for a cup of coffee. Why should it take you five minutes to order a cup of coffee? 


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