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The funny stuff kids say and do.

Kids really do say (and do!) the darndest things! We all know that there are the sweet things they say: like when Evie says to her baby brother, “Mino, you’re the BEST!”, or when parking at a friend’s house for a playdate Claire says, “You did it Mama! You found CeCe’s house! Yay Mama!”

Then there are the not-so-sweet things they say (you know, the ones that drive us crazy): Like when Claire runs around yelling, “No Buddy! No! Go away!“ to the poor dog that hasn’t done anything but come within three feet of her when she’s cranky, or when Evie insists she wants one thing to eat only to have it served to her and then scream, “No! I want (insert other food item here)!”

But there are so many other silly things they say and do in between that make us laugh. Like the funny way they pronounce certain words, or call them something else altogether. Evie used to call the Farmer’s Market the “fiya pocket,” and Claire calls the plastic crown the dentist gave her a “princess hat.”

So, we thought it would be fun to hear from all of you! Share your funny or silly stories and the one that has us laughing the most will win a prize!

Tell us: What is the funniest or silliest thing your kid has ever said or done?


Claire says and does silly things daily that have me laughing. Last week Claire had a hard time opening the bathroom door. Her hands were sticky with whatever it was she was eating at the time. So, she started banging on the door and yelling, “Oh no! Call da firefighters!” Guess that’s what I get for teaching her that a firefighter’s job is to help people.

One day we were shopping and I told her we were getting food for her birthday dinner. She said, "Go see Santa?" Then on her birthday she ran around saying, "Happy New Year!" Another morning I told her we were going to the park to see our friends. She said, "Go get pumpkins?" And then a few days later I asked her if she wanted mac and cheese for lunch. She said, "No. Want birthday cake!"

She is currently obsessed with birthdays and randomly shouts “Happy Birthday Mama!” almost every day. I think we may need to have a lesson on holidays soon!

Also, we have to remember that when we set the table, we can’t put the butter out until the last minute. Claire likes to eat it... like, just take a bite right out of the stick of butter. No hands, no spoon, she just leans in and chomps away. That’s right. My kid’s a butter muncher. Granted, she’s small for her age and could stand to gain some weight, but that’s not exactly the method I had in mind.

Joey doesn’t say much yet, but he’s my little climber. He’s 11 months old and a good walker now, but he’s been doing this since he first figured out how to crawl! I will leave a room only to return and find him sitting on top of the end table, the toy box, the dining room table, or whatever else he can manage to get up onto. Every time he is laughing and clapping like he’s so proud of himself too. Little stinker...

Being a Mom is hard work, but it’s moments like these that help me get through the difficult days. My Mommy friends and I all love sharing our funny stories with each other. I can’t wait to hear all of yours too!


My husband was watching Evie and she told him she had to go poo. She had brought a couple toys in with her, they happened to be her little Winnie the Pooh doll and her kitchen tongs from her play kitchen. The next thing we know she yells “Daddy, I’m pinching Pooh!” and when Matt walked in she was pinching her Pooh doll with her kitchen tongs -- Timing is EVERYTHING!

Most mornings, when I’m drinking my coffee and the kids are playing I watch a bit of the news and the Today show. One morning, when Evie had just turned 2, the Today show theme came on and Evie said “Oh my gosh MOMMY! The TODAY SHOW!! There’s MATT YOWER!!!” What 2 year old gets excited about Matt Lauer? Apparently mine!

My son is a trouble maker ... in fact once at the park he was getting into something he shouldn’t have and I said “Milo ... trouble ...” and Evie finished my sentence for me by saying “MAKER!” We can’t ever leave the dog bowl on the ground. And he KNOWS he’s not supposed to play with it. But if we do forget to put it outside, he’ll crawl as quickly as he can to it, stop halfway, look at us with the most MISCHIEVOUS grin, and continue to crawl as quickly as he can until we catch him and he starts laughing hysterically!

Things happen every day that keep me laughing. Sometimes, they’re only funny to my husband and I and sometimes other people find them hysterical too. Either way, most of the time, the funny things they say and do make my day!

Now we’d love to hear from all of you: What is the funniest or silliest thing your kid has ever said or done? Tell us in the comments below! The winner will be the one who’s funny story has us LOL the most. We’ll announce the winning comment at the end if next week’s article, so bust out your funniest, silliest stories and share them with us!

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Bethany Curran June 08, 2012 at 06:36 AM
Mom Squad friend Lesley L said: "Yesterday my daughter had one of her male friends over to play, they did great and all was good. Well at bedtime last night, I tell her to go pee, and all I hear is look "Mommy I use the big toilet like (her friend)", so I go running in there (she is too little to get on the regular toilet herself), and see her standing in front of the toilet with her hands in a perfect position for a little boy taking aim at the toilet! She was SO proud she was doing it just like her friend. Luckily I got there in time else it would have been messy. I did laugh but also had to discuss the difference between boys and girls potty time. I totally didn't realize she had been in the bathroom at the same time a him. Oops but super funny!"
Mayra Flores de Marcotte June 08, 2012 at 08:31 AM
That's awesome! I've had MANY funny moments with my son over the years. As soon as I can think of a *funny* one, I will share. And that's a promise!
Bethany Curran June 08, 2012 at 03:26 PM
As soon as we submitted this article both of us thought of a bunch more funny moments we could have shared. Seems like they happen daily, but it's just so hard to remember specific ones sometimes :)
Bethany Curran June 08, 2012 at 07:33 PM
Mom Squad Friend Elisabeth H said: "My 3-year-old boys were drawing yesterday and one of them said, "I'm going to make this one for Daddy's mom!" I said to him, "Honey, Daddy's mom is in Heaven." He quickly replied, "No, I'm going to make her a 'get not-dead card!'"
Bethany Curran June 11, 2012 at 04:15 PM
Mom Squad Friend Amy S said: "I was not able to comment on the site. One funny thing M said was directed at his sitter. She was playing and she burped and said 'excuse me". M stopped what he was doing and look right at her and said "Oh my gosh, YOU ARE SUCH A PIG!" He then went on his way and played trucks. :)"
Bethany Curran June 11, 2012 at 09:11 PM
The winner is........ Elizabeth H! Your story had both of us (literally) laughing out loud! So funny ;) Keep the comments and stories coming! We love hearing from all of you! (Some people have had trouble commenting on here, so if you are too, you can always comment on our Mom Squad FB page and we'll copy the comments over to here for you.)


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