Great Escape: Novel and a Movie

An easy way to escape is to dive into a book or get lost in the dark at the movies.

Sometimes escaping from the daily norm is mental, sometimes it’s physical and sometimes it’s both.

Intertwining the two makes for a valuable break in the day. Sometimes it costs a little money and other times it doesn’t cost a dime.

Even the busiest of moms must realize that you have to fight to carve out a little time to just for you.

It is much like Sydney J. Harris said, “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

Recently, I indulged in the pleasure of a book-browsing and a movie. Each took less than two hours of my day and left me feeling as if I had “escaped” my world for just bit.

First was a visit to my local library. I love the quiet sanctuary of the library during the day, where I feel strangely safe and protected from the busyness going on outside.

I wandered slowly up one isle, stopping and cocking my neck sideways to read titles that interested me.

And then I meandered down another isle, picking up everything from healthy cooking books to political figure biographies.

I found a cozy nook in the back with comfortable high-back chairs, footstools and side tables. The open-window setting allowed for light and warmth on my face as I read.

As I flipped through pages I felt the tension in my neck melt and decided to lose myself in the moment.

The smell of the library, the feel of the pages between my fingers and the crinkle of the plastic cover—it’s so soothing for me.

I could do this every day. (Don’t I wish)

There are also spots such as in Campbell, which offer a more energetic vibe.

I like the “new” smell, I like looking at other people and I like to sip a warm latte while I sit and read books I have not purchased.

It’s great to relax just as you would in a library and you don’t have to purchase anything.

Exploring books and magazines you wouldn’t necessarily purchase or have lying around your house is refreshing. You’re doing something new.

After spending an hour in the library and another in the bookstore I felt light-hearted and refreshed—like I could take on the rest of my work with new zeal.

Which brings me to my next voyage; going to see a movie all by myself.

A year ago, I was way too anal-retentive to entertain the thought. Talk about frivolous.

My obsessive thinking dictated that there were a million other things I could be accomplishing—so how could I sit and watch a movie?

But then I realized there will always be a million things to do, so taking a 90-minute brake doesn’t really affect the million-things-to-do list.

I like the anonymity that the darkness of the theater provides. It's kind of like a secret hideout.

The trick is allowing your mind to get lost and carried away with the characters on the humongous screen in front of you.

When I walk out of the theatre I feel like I have a fresh slate and lighter load. Is essence, taking the break makes me more effective in accomplishing my weekly tasks.

The theatre doesn’t have to have surround sound, HD and other luxury items because getting caught up in another world for an hour or so is a luxury for me.

I like to go to the Campbell, where a movie only cost $5.50 before 5 p.m. and on “Terrific Tuesdays”, the cost is only $4.50 before 5 p.m.

Simplistic in nature, Lily Tomlin summed it up this way, “For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”


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