Feminine Rules Here

Mom and daughter offer up their takes on what a woman wants.

Linda Sullivan and her daughter, Devon Filimon, own and operate , a boutique off East Campbell Avenue that sells goodies to make every woman feel feminine and flirty.

Opened in 2008, the boutique was the result of years of similar work the two did in Scotts Valley and things they saw in the surrounding areas.

Linda Sullivan grew up in Owego, NY, then came out to California her senior year of high school and lived in the Almaden area of San Jose. Devon Filimon grew up in Almaden and now lives in Willow Glen.

Campbell Patch sat down with the two women in their glittery shop and talked about what got them to where they are now.

Campbell Patch: What is Vintage & Vogue?

Linda Sullivan: It's girlie and feminine. A real girl store for both the young and the old. We have little girls and grandmothers all coming in. We mix the old and the new, the glittery and glam. There's antiques among the new pieces.

I saw a store in Martha's Vineyard and I walked in. It was a great combination of old and new.

So, we have the old that looks new, but people know it's not new.

Devon Filimon: We give old things new life. From what I've learned, it's appreciating the vintage and having a sanctuary of girlie stuff that makes you feel like a woman.

Patch: Why is it so important to have a space for yourself, as a woman?

Sullivan: Women are who they are.

Filimon: I have my little space. If you have kids, a husband, you should have a place where you have all the pretty little things around you. It really makes you happy.

Patch: What started you on this appreciation for the things in your store today?

Filimon: We were going through my grandma's jewelry. So many fun colors, costume jewelry and pins.

Sullivan: She (Devon) wears the brooches and even has a cabinet displaying them. For me, my grandma was from England and had a built-in vanity at her home. She loved lavender and had a vanity set, with perfume bottles and such. They were so cute and fun.

Patch: What is your favorite item or type of items?

Sullivan: I love the French provincial furniture. I love all the different vanities and styles.

Filimon: My favorite are slipper chairs. They're so dainty and feminine.

Patch: Why did you choose Campbell as your location for your boutique?

Sullivan: I was in a little collective called "Ivy's Porch" in Scotts Valley. Devon painted furniture for them.

Filimon: We thought we could do this on our own, so first we looked at Saratoga. But we knew that it was lively and fun down here and found the spot. It was meant to be.

Sullivan: We have the perfect spot, the perfect landlord. Everything is great.


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