Charlie: Dog About Town

We read about the people that make up Campbell, so why not feature the dogs that add a smile to their faces?

This week's top dog was found by Campbell Patch enjoying a late summer lunch with his human just outside . Apparently quite the attention-getter, Patch was only the latest in a long line of admirers. Check him out:

Name: Charlie, also known as "Sir Charles"

Breed: Pug

Age: 18 months

Owner: Kristin

Hometown: Originally from Oklahoma, Charlie now resides in San Jose.

Talent: The diminutive Charlie likes to wrangle the collar off his much larger housemate, a Saint Bernard. If he can't slip off the collar, Charlie is known to drag his ever-patient pal around the house.

Charlie's favorite things to do in Campbell:

"He loves to come downtown," owner Kristin said. "When we pull off the freeway to get here, he sits up and gets all excited."

Charlie is a frequent Aqui's patron and enjoys strolling Campbell's dog-friendly streets. If his mom his making a trip into town, Charlie must tag along.

"When my mom suggested getting lunch today, I said, 'We have to go home and get Charlie.'"


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