Celebrating National Historic Preservation Month with a New Heritage Tree

A towering Redwood tree in Campbell is added to the Heritage Tree list.

A California Live Oak located in the front yard of 894 Robin Lane has been given the recognition of Heritage Tree by the Campbell Historic Preservation Board.

“I was given the tree in 1966 and it has flourished,” said Pete Silva. “The only challenge to it has been PG&E.”

The proclamation was made at the Campbell City Council meeting May 1.

The tree in question, Quercus Agrifolia, towers 75 feet over Campbell, with a 40-inch trunk diameter and a 50-foot canopy spread.

According to the city’s code, the term “Heritage Tree” means:

 “…any tree so designated by the historic preservation board based on the finding that the tree has character, significant age and girth, interest or value as part of the development of, and/or exemplification of the cultural, educational, economic, agricultural, social, indigenous or historical heritage of the city and identified on the historic resources inventory.”

Relatively young, this tree is just over 45 years old and becomes the city's 15th Heritage Tree.


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