Campbell Police Trading Cards

Did you know that in an attempt to reach the youth, Campbell Police officers would hand out their "trading cards?"

A row of young, fresh faced Campbell police officers stare back from behind the glass doors in City Hall.

A collection of the first set of trading cards is on display as part of the of the city of Campbell's incorporation.

"In the 1990s, baseball cards were really hot," says Campbell Chief of Police Greg Finch. "It was a way for the officers to connect with the youth in the community."

According to Finch, the vast majority of the officers at the time had their own "trading card," including himself (see photos). Although the first set had officers in traditional baseball poses, the second set that the department put out allowed officers to be more creative.

Finch says that in his, he put together a crime scene and he stood in the midst of it.

Included in this deck of cards was a unique police officer that, when questioned about him, Finch smiled.

Twenty years ago, the department also used a mannequin named Officer Gregory to control traffic.

"It looked like the cruiser was occupied and people would slow down," Finch says.

The police analog, however is no longer in use.

"We would park it at and come back and there would be donut holes everywhere," he says with a laugh. "It was pretty funny."


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