A Pooch Duo Training in Agility and Protection

We read about the people that make up Campbell, so why not feature the dogs that add a smile to their faces?

These two pooches were nominated by their proud owner!

Check them out:

Name - Bowe Diddley (tan) and Jerry Lee (blue brindle). Both are rescue dogs. Thier owner got Bowe the same week that the legendary guitar player Bo Diddley passed away. Jerry Lee was named after the piano player Jerry Lee Lewis.

Breed - Bowe is a Basset/German Shepard mix and Jerry Lee is an American Staffordshire Terrier, not a pit bull as many believe.  

Age - Bowe is 4, Jerry Lee is 2

Owner - Dave

Hometown - Campbell  

Talent - Jerry Lee is training at California Canine Solutions (CaliK9) in San Jose. The agility course is where he shows off his talent and he loves to climb on and over everything. Dave calls him "Mountain Goat."

Bowe, a mellower dog, is very protective and has an amazing sense of smell. He's starting training at CaliK9 for protection/tracking and home security. Dave said, "I work odd shifts and my wife is home alone, but with these boys, my mind is at ease."

Bowe and Jerry Lee love the Los Gatos Creek Trail and the Downtown Campbell area. "We can usually be seen daily at some random time, walking around, drinking water from the many bowls of water put out by the kind store owners," said Dave. "They both enjoy meeting people and Jerry Lee especially likes dispelling the many myths regarding pitbull type dogs being dangerous."


Do you have a pooch that wants to get his/her "15 minutes of fame?" Email me photos and the following information:

  • Name
  • Breed
  • Age
  • Owner
  • Hometown
  • Talent
  • A sentence or two of your dog's favorite places to walk/play/frequent in Campbell

and I'll include them in this feature.

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