365 Reasons to Love Campbell

Tell us your reasons.

Something that always comes up in conversation is how much that person loves Campbell.

There are just so many of them but we want to hear from you. There’s a reason why you chose to live/work/play/shop in Campbell … Tell us your reason for loving the Orchard City.


  1. Your reason must be no longer than 140 characters, including your name.
  2. Every response will be published daily on the site and must have a name attached.

Options for how your name can appear:

  1. First and last name.
  2. First initial and last name.
  3. OR family name, i.e. the Marcottes.

Submit: Send it to mayra.marcotte@patch.com, post on facebook, tweet it at me OR post it in the comments section below.

Send them in, Campbell. I can't wait to read all those reasons!

Dave Molloy January 17, 2012 at 06:24 PM
Reasons to Love Campbell ..... Its dog friendly


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